Buyer’s Guide
SoonSer Smart-X: A Small Industrial 3D Printer of High Accuracy Is in Great Demand
Buyer’s Guide Nov 21,2022 706

In order to help more customers to embrace 3D printing technology,SoonSer has developed a small industrial 3d printer——Smart X to break the limitation of space and budget.

Smart-X is an industrial SLA 3D printer which is powerful and affordable for most of the industries. Smart-X comes in two printing dimensions (300*300*250mm and 400*400*300mm ) to fit customer needs, Smart X can print large-size prototypes and models with good precision,  helping enterprises to improve the production efficiency, accelerate the verification processes and launch of new products.


Excellent Hardwares ,Stable Printing

Smart X was built using industrial well-known hardware, and the frame is all-in-one structure with integrated modularized design to improved stability while operating, enabling enterprise to improved productivity.


Laser printing path

High Accuracy and resolution

With quality assured optical devices, self-developed printing process algorithm and precision calibration algorithm, Smart-X has the printing accuracy of about ±0.05mm-1mm. Smart-X can print fine feature of about 0.2-0.5mm in detail.


printing accuracy of fine feature is about 0.2-0.5mm

Fully guided software, Easy to use

Equipped with AsterRay (operating software), Smart-X comes with one-click preparation, one-click print , power outage recovery print and remote monitoring functions. With AsterRay, Smart-X is easy to use and very powerful, the learning cost of Smart-X for technician is extremely low.


Operation Interface of SoonSer Smart-X

Environment-friendly, Two-tier Deodorization System

To improved Smart-X operation at workplace, it was equipped with active carbon and HEPA filter modules.

The active carbon installed in Smart-X is water and high-temperature resistant, and the HEPA filter can filter particles as small as 0.3 micron effectively.


Smart-X is a best budget industrial 3D printer developed specifically for customers who want to embrace the 3D printing technology.

Compared with large industrial 3D printers, Smart-X provides great value for enterprises that looking for cost efficiency and 3D printing in office area.