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Make Manufacturing Easier: Soonser Industrial 3D Printer with A New Performance Upgrade
Buyer’s Guide Jul 17,2021 629
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Preface: SoonSer is an international brand belongs to ZHEJIANG SOONSOLID TECH CO., LTD, which mainly sells non-dental machines. Based on many years of accumulated experience and feedback collection from customers in the industrial field, an upgraded version of SLA industrial 3D printer (soon to be launched) was developed by SoonSolid.. The upgraded machine will be more stable, easier to use, more efficient, more precision and more intelligent, which further helps our customers reduce production costs, improve production efficiency and improve the quality and value of printing products.


Excellent Performance Brings More Perfect Printing

With the popularity of 3D printing technology in the industrial field, 3D printing has revealed its potential, such as high production flexibility, complex shape models making, high integration of design and manufacturing, and it can shorten verification time and accelerate the time to market of the new products. Hence leads to higher expectation from customers. According to customer feedback and market demand, SoonSolid upgrades Mars Pro on the below four parts.

1. Stability

In order to meet the all-weather, high-frequency, and high-volume production demand, researchers have greatly enhance the stability of  Mars Pro.

l  The whole system adopts distributed and modular design, which improves the working stability and expansibility of the control system.

l  The movement platform adopts grade 00 marble platform to ensure long-term stability.

l  Laser, galvanometer and electrical control components are supplied by well-known brands at home and abroad.

2.High efficiency and precision

3D printers are applied in automobile, fixture, rollover casting, building model, consumer electronics, and surgical guide and so on. These fields require high precision of products. And the three systems of Mars Pro have improved printing precision.

lIntelligent variable spot system, with high-speed scanning system and scanning algorithm processing, doubles printing efficiency.

lHigh precision liquid-level control system ensures liquid-level control precision in the printing process.

lHigh precision calibration system improves the printing accuracy of the whole format model.



The upgraded Mars Pro is easy to use and maintain.

lSelf-developed control software, concise interface, full functions, Wizard operation process and preparation and printing with one click that make it User friendly.

lTechnology parameters, algorithm optimization, automatic recognition of model features and automatic adoption of the corresponding technology parameters that improve the printing quality and success rate.

lModular design of the whole machine, reliable software and hardware, relatively independent functional module that make it free and easy to maintain.


We add the function of door interlock to make the machine safer to use. And the machine has passed the EU CE and US FCC certification.

Open material system meets the demand of various applications

SLA is the first successful light curing technology, and the material development of SLA is relatively perfect, such as high transparent materials, temperature resistant materials, ductile material, casting material and so on, so it has advantages in application. Mars Pro is equipped with an open material system, which supports most SLA 3D printing materials that can be used to print transparent parts, tires, hand plate parts, fixtures and so on. 


Multi-size options fully meet the demand of industry application

The upgraded Mars Pro offers three dimensions - 600, 850 and 1600(unit: mm, model length), and the maximum part volume is 600*600*400mm, 850*850*500mm and 1600*800*600mm. Small to consumer electronics, large to auto tires and building models, Mars Pro can print different sizes of models. 


Sharp edge of a sword comes out from grinding. Mars Pro will accelerate the revolution of 3D printing in every industry to provide a more perfect digital solution for the industrial manufacturing field. SoonSer has always been committed to changing the world with 3D printing and creating better services for human beings.

Stay tuned for the official launch of Mars Pro!