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SoonSer Customer Story Series,CST: efficiency up, cost down, SoonSer helps us turn to “smart manufacturing”
Case Studies Sep 22,2022 31

the Challenge and the Solution

Designing an industrial product prior mass production, molding is an essential process. However, producing a single mold to verify product design is highly expensive and time consuming. Due to that reason, 3D printing became an effective alternative because 3D printing production cost is low and enable rapid prototyping.

About CST

Zhejiang Constant Power Machinery Co.,Ltd. (CST) is an organization that focus on developing and manufacturing customized engine, generator and integrated mechanical parts. In order to accelerate the product verification process and the launch of new product, CST purchased a SoonSer industrial 3D printer Mars Pro 850 in 2022 to 3D print large plastic parts for research and development purposes.


Equipment Applied

Name & Type: Mars Pro 850

Print format:850*850*500mm

Material matched:S-ST 9001

Material property: ABS like with high surface quality

Applications: product development and verification, Jig & Fixture


Customer Cases


Model: LED casing



 Model: alarm casing



Model:CO module controller installation box

Size: 120mm*120mm


Model display of large-size generator housing

From left to right are W05083 oil tank upper shell, panel rear cover, rear cover, rear cover maintenance window and air filter air guide cover.

Excellent Quality, for Better Manufacturing

At the moment, CST used Mars Pro 850 to 3D print electrical casing. On the day of the interview, CST was testing the newly assembled 3D printed generator set. Director Yue, who is responsible for R&D of CST, mentioned that the generator set needed to run for 500 hours under high temperature to complete product verification, and he was impressed because the generator casing still remained in a good condition.

Why SoonSer

Why SoonSer

“Choosing SoonSer 3D printer is mainly for the sake of time and cost. “Director Yue said. “During the development process, we need to print a large number of samples to verify the prototype’s performance and space-layout. We found that the cost of time is extremely high when outsourcing the prototype production to third-party because uncontrollable factor such as third-party scheduling and communication. That’s why we decided to purchase an industrial 3D printer for prototype production. With internal prototype production, R&D personnel can acquire faster feedback and suggestions for improvement. We are impressed with the quality, performance, and versatility of SoonSer Mars Pro 850 compared to outsourcing. 


Focus on Forming,  for Smart Manufacturing

SoonSer Mars Pro series is equipped with multiple applications which improve and empower industrial production. Assisting manufacturers to reduce the cost of research and development as well as catering to the need of producing small batch of customized goods.

In the future, SoonSer will be committed to revolutionize industrial workflow and creating better possibilities for mankind.