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Customizing A Giant Model In 12 Days With Large Format 3D Printing
Case Studies Jan 17,2022 2959

3D printing technology emerged as a necessity in various industries for creating customized models. Especially in the field of entertainment, 3D printing allows designers to create realistic, detailed, unique, and replicable figurines, miniatures, action figures, character models, sculptures, film props, stop-motion models, art, and decoration at an affordable cost.

Minions and its Blue Car was 3D printed by SoonSer 3D 

The giant blue car and fascinating Minions models were 3D printed with SoonSer large format 3D printer. Using large format additive manufacturing and rapid prototyping enable designer to turn idea into reality in just 12 days. The dimension of the blue car is 3600*1900*2500mm. To create this giant models, the project undergo the process of disassembled, pieced, sanded, colored and assembled.

Design Process at Software by SoonSe 3D

All parts of the project were sorted using a designing software according to the part’s colors and functions. The splices are connected with a tooth structure. All parts are cut and printed according to the traditional FRP process to enable easy remolding. All 45 parts of the car were assembled and remolded once all the parts were 3D printed. Follow with polishing and coloring process, the splices were assembled once the color dried. The whole process only took 12 days, and with SoonSer advanced 3D printing materials, it could provide good finishing and toughness. 

3D Printed Blue Car Was Assembled

what’s the benefit to produce big objects with SoonSer large format 3D printing?

·         Fully-functional, full-scale 3D printed prototype. Building a largeobject would typically require multiple 3D printed parts that must be bonded or welded, and if the tolerance is off on one print then the whole part needs to be redone. Large format 3D printing solves this unique problem by simply starting and finishing the entire part during one print.

·         Design and concept modeling. Once size limitation is no longer a factor, large parts can be produced at very low cost to simulate large products. Post-processing will bring the final model closer to the original product, and some of printed elements can be used as an end-use product.

·         Custom unique models and tools. Traditionally all parts and models in entertainment and movie industry are made manually. Large-scale 3D printing dramatically reduces manual labor, saves time and costs compared to traditional processes. That’s why it offers freedom of creativity to design and produce customized products and elements